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Skyler began his journey on August 1, 2013 after a normal pregnancy and delivery. Skyler was a happy healthy baby. His favourite thing to do was watch his big sister. He walked at 11 months old while on vacation.

September 26, 2014 started out as a normal day. His mom was coming off a night shift and Skyler was at daycare for the day. When his dad went to pick Skyler up after work he was told that Skyler fell off a slide and wasn’t moving his left arm. When they came home Skyler wanted to be held and would not move his left arm. So we decided to take him to emergency to see if his arm was dislocated. It was very busy that day and we were sitting in the waiting room. The doctor came out and saw us in the waiting room and said a tendon always slides out of place on the elbow. She sent us for an x-ray after the tendon wouldn’t slide back into place. The x-ray came back normal and the doctor told us to come to a room. His mom placed him on the bed where he fell over, which was not normal for our little guy.

Skyler was not moving from the neck down. He was going paralyzed in his mother’s arms. Afterward they decided to get a CT which showed nothing. “I don’t know what is going on” is a sentence we heard a lot that day. The doctors decided to admit Skyler to run further tests. After he was admitted he was scheduled for an MRI and a lumbar puncture to try to diagnose him and we were moved to the observation unit because the doctors were worried the paralysis would affect his breathing. After the MRI and lumbar puncture we finally had a diagnosis. Skyler was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis and falling down the slide was a symptom not a cause.

A rare disease that affects the spinal cord, that just happens randomly. He started a heavy course of steroids to bring the swelling down of the spinal cord. His left hand started moving first and by the time we were discharged he had started moving his right hand. He was discharged on steroids and was being followed by neurology, OT, PT, and the spinal cord clinic in the KCC. By January 7, 2015 Skyler walked again for the first time, it was such a great day. Skyler had numerous MRIs to ensure that the swelling of his spinal cord was gone.

One year later it looked like his spinal cord was clear. Unfortunately, Skyler’s leg muscles were very tight and he was diagnosed with spastic diplegia. He started wearing AFOs to help with his gait. Skyler received botox to help with the spasticity of his legs. When Skyler was 5 years old on March 7, 2019 he had an adductor, hamstring and heel cord release. He was casted from his hips to his toes with a bar in between his legs. It was tough on him but he was a champ throughout the entire ordeal. Skyler deals with bladder and bowel issues because of his spinal cord injury but he has a smile on his face all the time.

Despite all the issues that he has faced he loves sports. Loves soccer, jiu jitsu and wants to play hockey so bad. His smile is so infectious you can’t help but smile back at him.


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