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Hayden & Hudson

I started Down 2 Cookie shortly after the birth of my twin boys, Hudson and Hayden, who were diagnosed with Down Syndrome at birth.

We quickly realized how high unemployment rates were for people born with different abilities and knew education was the key to success in any situation and with that education they would be able to pursue the careers of their choosing.

Now, that's all in a perfect world, but in the real world people born with different abilities still have the lowest rates of employment world wide and being a mom of 2 boys who fall into that statistic, it didn't sit well with me. If employers weren't willing to give them more chances at work experience, I would.

I created Down 2 Cookie to open doors for my boys one day help as many other parent out their struggling with the idea that their children's future would be less than because of their diagnosis. But, With education and work experience we can create more choices for our kids.

Our goal with Down 2 Cookie is to create as many opportunities for work experience, while giving back to the community by donating to different organizations helping people with different abilities. It's more than a cookie, it's a cookie with a cause.

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