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Harrison (Harry) Scott was born on Saturday September 28, 2019 at midnight following a pretty uneventful pregnancy. He was a happy, healthy little dude!!

Harry was a very content little guy all around, eating & sleeping like a champ. He loved his older sister & we joke the umbilical cord was never cut because he only wanted me - 24/7 (I’m still his number 1!)

He was a determined little baby, he was crawling at 5 months, standing and walking along furniture at 6.5 months and solo-walking by 10 months!

In the chaos of life with 2 under 2 and getting into the swing of things in our ‘new normal’ in 2020, we had begun to notice little quirks that Harry had and things he didn’t do that ‘typical’ kids his age were doing.

Harry had a bunch of little ‘quirks’ (I don’t like the word symptoms).. like he never played with toys, he would rather spin objects, anything and everything he would spin. He wouldn’t ever play at a playground but run around and sit to run rocks & sand through his hands. But the two biggest things.. Harry never looked at you, he would look at the ground if you called him or almost “through you” if he were to glance at you. He also had no words, a babble here and there but zero defined words by 15 months.

In September 2021 we chatted with his family doctor and she mentioned the word autism - and (from some cancellations) in December 2021 we had a formal diagnosis from a private psychologist.

Early intervention is key! (and I spent a LOT of hours researching, reading, listening & asking questions). So speech therapy, occupational therapy & now feeding therapy consumed our weeks & still do! But the diagnosis was a huge weight lifted off our shoulders - we had the resources & research and Harry had two parents who would do absolutely anything to see him succeed!!

It’s been one year since his official diagnosis & Harry is absolutely THRIVING!!

The biggest change.. Harry has an AAC device - an iPad that is his talker! And he says 2 words - ‘guh’ for go and ‘ah-guh’ for again!! He also babbles a lot & is such a happy little dude!

We live a pretty normal fun life - travelling, camping, activities - but the biggest normalcy is that he is loved & supported by family & all our friends! Also, normalcy to us includes a mini trampoline & slide in our front room but that’s ok!

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