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Hamza was born full term, after a wonderful and healthy pregnancy. For the first two years of his life, he was so happy, giggly and social. He started talking early and said his first word when he was nine months old.

After the age of two, his behavior started to change. He became less social and quieter. He started avoiding eye contact and refusing to eat. Meanwhile, we were moving countries and when we consulted a pediatrician, he misdiagnosed him with depression and Selective mutism due to the changes happening in our lives. I did everything in my power to cheer him up, nothing was working.

Day after day, he was having skill regression. He lost the ability to swim, to play, he lost so much that around the age of four he was not able to use his hands properly or even drink from an open cup!

Finally, around the age of Five years old, he was formally diagnosed with Autism, then ADHD and Anxiety. We received the education and support we needed. Hamza started Speech and occupational therapy to help him regain the skills he lost.

Now Hamza is 8 years old, awesome nonverbal autistic boy.

Autism awareness for me played a crucial role in alleviating parental guilt and self-blame. By understanding that autism is a neurodevelopmental condition, I was able to recognize that it was not caused by travelling a lot or moving countries or by being a working mom. Through education and awareness, parents can shift their focus from blame to proactive support, embracing their role as advocates and supporters for their child’s well-being and success.

Thank you for taking the time to read and listen to our journey, thank you Jen and little wonders for spreading awareness.


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