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Colbie's pregnancy was a rough one, and with multiple complications from preterm labour to PPROM after spending 5 weeks in hospital, I was allowed to head home till I had him at 37 weeks.

At first all seemed fairly normal. we arrived home with him on Christmas day 2016. At first things were going well. We did notice he was making some strange movements by 4 days old and he was doing them at least once or twice a day. And then he ended up catching a virus and his breathing and feeding went downhill too, and the movements increased. I took him into the hospital in swift current and the pediatrician and nurses noted after a while he was in respiratory distress. he was having grand Mal seizures and he had a heart murmur. He was flown to Saskatoon and admitted to the picu for 2 weeks. This is where he was diagnosed with Hypocalcemia(causing seizures)a VSD and 22q11.2 deletion, as well a virus that he had become very sick from. He was intubated and treated to get control of the seizures.

He eventually got better and was moved to ward. In hopes of going home, we struggled with this as he continued to have seizures unrelated to the Hypocalcemia. he had a long admission trying to figure out all the ins and outs of what he had going on. he would continue to have seizures and ended up back in picu at 6 weeks old with rsv for another week. He was eventually able to come home.

We struggled at home with feeding and staying Healthy. he had reflux and would aspirate and he would catch viruses and have seizures, and we would end up back in the hospital. he had to be admitted once due to internal bleeding from a ulcer causesd by reflux at 5 months old, he was diagnosed with asthma early on due to his lungs being so poor.

He was in and out of the hospital for the whole first 2 years of his life with viruses and issues he was having.

He had ear tubes put in at a year to help his hearing, and attending speech and physio weekly for a long time to help with his development. He is also seen by the 22q clinic at Sick Kids in Toronto yearly to help our team here with his follow up care.

At the age of 3 he was diagnosed with Lymphonodular Hyperplasia which is a allergy of the intestinal tract. After some work we figured it was Dairy that was causing the issues he was having of anemia and malnutrition and slow growth.  

After removing dairy from his diet he was growing leaps and bounds. 

He has done well for a very long time he's had the odd surgery for dental work and eyes as he was diagnosed with strabismus at 6 months old and replacing ear tubes frequently. He was also diagnosed with a global developmental delay when he was 4 and Autism when he was 5 years old. He is awaiting a Adhd diagnosis at the moment when he returns to Alvin bulkwold in the near future. Colbie has had his struggles but comes out fighting on the other end always. 

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