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My journey with Cianna started a few weeks before she was born. At 29 weeks I was admitted into swift current hospital with a high blood pressure issue. At that point, I went into labour at 29 weeks, with contractions that the NST machine was picking up. It eventually stopped and they managed to control it. I was sent home.

I managed to spend a few more days at home. By 31 weeks I was back at swift hospital with blood pressure issues and contractions. I was shipped to Ruh in Saskatoon, as they thought she was coming. Things did settle again with preterm labour, but I had to stay due to my blood pressure. I had on and off contractions for the whole two weeks I was admitted before she was born, but they always fizzled out.

On the early morning of Oct 7th I started with contractions that were strong. But the team didn’t think much of it due to the other times. I also felt my water may have broken so as I was checked to see where we sat. She said I wasn’t and before she knew it my water broke and thinks we’re moving fast. We quickly got moved to a different room. And I not long after cianna came very quickly at 6:28am I got to say hi to her and she was swiftly taken to the NICU. I didn’t get to see her again until 1pm that day and by then dad had arrived.

Her journey in the nicu wasn’t the longest journey at 18 days, but that was only my intro to medical mama life. She started with an iv and prongs for oxygen but was supporting herself well. She had to learn to eat & grow before we could go home.

A few Days into her stay, she came down quite Ill and they weren’t sure but wondered if she had NEC (Necrotizing enterocolitis) she was very sick so they treated her accordingly until tests came back with what she had. Luckily she came back with a uti due to mild kidney reflux and a lactose intolerance, so with antibiotics and a change in my diet and her formula she got better, she continued to do well. Until the end she did have some Bradys and apnea but they felt it was just a moment for her. She continued to move her forward towards going home and we headed home at 18 Days old. Just before Halloween 2014.

Once home she started having issues again and had issues feeding and had apnea moments where she would turn blue. We rushed her back to Saskatoon where we found she was struggling with her bottle they switched her Nipple to the Preemie and she seemed better. She flourished after that for a quite a long time. She did require therapies due to being a Preemie has physio and speech for quite a while. She had a fracture to her femur at 8 months old so physio was a little bit longer to make sure the skills kept gaining after that. She still struggled with drinking a choking even after her nicu discharge at age 5 but at age 7 in the spring she had her tonsils and adenoids removed due to moderate sleep apnea and her choking issues seemed to get better. In the winter while she was 7 she fell ice skating and broke her elbow she was in a half Cast for 6 weeks but still after the cast came off she struggled with pain in that elbow. With physio we got her a little better She was very cautious. But tried skating and base ball again she was doing well still pain from time to time but managing going into August of 2022 she was ok but then suddenly hurt her hip I took her to the small emergency room close to us. They did all the tests they could knowing what it could be when it came on so suddenly after all the tests came back finally they diagnosed her with brustitis sent a referral to peds ortho & she was back to physio for blocks of physio to help with her strength and healing she got so weak and her pain was out of control at this point. We had her to jpch emergency room also as she was having joint pain in all her limbs. And joints headaches and was tired and naseuos they redid alot ofthe same tests and sent us to the rheumatologist as we were sure if it was Lupus or JIA both were ruled out. So this left us with a 8 year old in alot of pain. And no diagnosis. She was also diagnosed with adhd combined type in this time when We returned to our old pediatrician and then he looked into all avenues ruled out CP and other genetic causes he eventually did find she had mild Scoliosis and also came to a diagnosis of Amplified Muscoskeletal pain syndrome eventually she will be diagnosed most likely with fibromyalgia but is still young yet. he set her up on a med and once it kicked in she has been great no major pain to speak of and she has been sleeping better and not requiring pain meds anymore . She was just recently diagnosed with Autism Level 1 and now we will move forward with OT as well as other therapies she may need. Moving forth she may have a more challenging life but she is a happy girl who loves to read bake and learn anything about animals, she hopes to be a vetinarian or a zoo keeper when she grows up. 

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