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Kate is a very busy and energetic little girl. She has an older brother and sister who she loves to pick on and chase around the house.

When Kate was born she was a very healthy and happy baby. The only concern was that the nurse had heard a murmur. The next day the murmur was mentioned, but wasn’t heard and It wasn’t heard by anyone again until she was at her 2 month checkup. At the 2 month checkup we got a referral sent to the pediatric cardiologist at JPCH.

On September 22, 2021, our world was turned upside down when we were told that our baby girl had pulmonary stenosis and atrial septal defect. Walking into the appointment that day I was fully expecting to have been told that it was just a murmur and it was nothing to be worried about. Little did we know, Kate would begin her heart journey here.

After a couple more cardiology visits and tests, Kate got a cardiac catheterization of the pulmonary valve done. They were happy with the results, but Kate’s journey is far from being over. We recently found out that there is a second hole in her heart and there will be another procedure or open heart surgery to correct this in the near future.

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